A festive indoor Christmas party held at a restaurant in Queens New York has gone viral. The party-goers which included a City Counsel candidate, were dancing in a

Conga-line with out masks on, garnering backlash on social media.

The Whitestone Republican Club held the party inside Il Bacco, a Little Neck restaurant, who sued Gov. Cuomo over COVID

The video shows a 13-person conga line dancing through the restaurant. About 50 people can be seen dancing or watching from tables.

Whitestone Republican Club spokesperson Robert Hornak said the party happened before the state reimposed a ban on indoor dining, saying

“We held an intimate gathering observing all the COVID guidelines in place at the time,” Hornak said. “Every attendee was told to wear a mask, and everyone had one when entering, or was given one.”

He said members wanted to hold the event to unwind after a tough election season.

“Everyone there had a great time and we were pleased that we gave people that time to be together with others of like mind and spirit as we get ready to move forward into what will hopefully be a much better 2021,” he said.