On the morning of May 11, a Michigan State trooper and deputies from the Antrim County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a homeowner on East Old State Road in Jordan Township shooting a handgun in the direction of a township ordinance officer.

Antrim County Dispatch was able to verify who the homeowners were and contacted them at the trooper’s request and instructed them to come outside with their hands visible when law enforcement arrived.

The homeowners complied and followed the orders of law enforcement officers at the scene. The homeowner with the handgun was identified as 38-year-old Benjamin Neil Misner. The township ordinance officer stated he was at the address and taking photographs of ordinance violations from the roadway. Misner and another person then allegedly came out and began arguing with him.

Misner then took a handgun and started firing at the ground in the direction of the township ordinance officer. The ordinance officer fled and took shelter before calling 911.

Misner was arrested and lodged in the Antrim County Jail without incident. He was arraigned Tuesday in Antrim County on one count Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and one count Felony Firearm. He was given a $50,000 bond.