Truck lines at an international bridge in Texas continue. Truckers protesting against inspections ordered by Texas Governor Greg Abbott had effectively shut down connecting Mexico and the US.

More drama on the Texas/Mexico border. This time at the Pharr International Bridge in Pharr, Texas - where we’ve seen lines of trucks, a protest of Governor Greg Abbott’s order to Texas DPS to conduct enhanced safety inspections of vehicles crossing international ports of entry into Texas. This ahead of an anticipated rise in cartel-facilitated smuggling with the Biden Administration's decision to end Title 42 expulsions. But yesterday Governor Abbott and a Mexican governor came to an agreement to enhance border security. But President of the Texas Trucking Association, John D. Esparza, tells us why there are still lines of trucks at the scene.

There's delays down there as we speak. But they're there. you know, what was reported yesterday in terms of the blockade there. I'm told directly from the Pharr Bridge officials that the trucks are moving there's they're just experiencing the delays due to the DPS inspections," Esparza tells us. The protest doesn't exist there as it did yesterday. So things are improved. However, they're still seeing delays.”

And there are potential dangers for the drivers of these trucks - stuck in place.

Both the men and women that are sitting in those trucks and with no idea how long they've got to sit there. They won't get paid just to sit there you know whether they get access to bathrooms, food, rest," Esparza explains.

Esparza also wanted to explain the dangers of immigrants being stored in a semi - which is a common practice. 

That's not a situation you want to find yourself in. Whether you are hauling, you’re the person responsible for driving that truck or riding in that truck. We work to enhance the laws of the state of Texas. So that if you were caught transporting illegal immigrants, knowingly. You lose your license, your CDL forever, much less you know what the consequences are for breaking the law there and willingly participating in something like that," he says.

In short, he has a warning for those thinking about transporting migrants in a truck - don’t do it!