City Station Channel
Homestead WHMR 16.1
Jacksonville WQXT 22.6
Key West WKIZ 49.1
Miami - Ft. Lauderdale WDFL 18.1
Miami WDGT 24.1
Ocala WQFT 18.1
Orlando WOFT 8.1
Tampa WGCT 19.1
West Palm Beach WEWF 47.1
West Palm Beach W30EP 30.1

Not in one of these cities?  Check out NEWSnet on the following streaming devices:


Unable to view in these cities? You may need to rescan your TV to receive NEWSnet.  Here are some steps that will help.

  1. Find your REMOTE and press either MENU or SETUP.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to search for all available channels.
  3. Watch the video below or visit the FCC for additional help.