(NEWSnet) — New supply chain issues are on the way this holiday season. Issues both stateside and abroad could make your bill that much tighter.

China’s "zero COVID" policy has caused more lockdowns there, which have since prompted violent protests.

According to a Bloomberg News report, the tech giant will likely produce 6 million fewer iPhone Pros in the coming months. The length of this delay ultimately depends on how fast Foxconn, the plant's operator, can get workers back to the assembly line.

It’s not the first disruption. Earlier this month, Apple announced production would be at reduced capacity.

Stateside, a looming railroad strike will cause likely supply chain disruptions.

Unions and the railroad industry have not yet reached an agreement. They have until Dec. 9 to do so or workers can go on strike at any time.

As they fight for better working conditions, for consumers, it means there may be higher price tags and less supply.

Companies including DHL have started moving operations to trucks ahead of the possible disruption. Semiconductor chips are largely shipped as railroad freight.