(NEWSnet) — The biggest news-making cuts this were at Meta — Facebook’s parent company.

The social media giant slashed 10,000 people from its workforce only months after another major headcount reduction.

Combined the cuts represent 24% of the workforce it had only a year ago.

Mark Zuckerberg said the move is part of a year of efficiency as one of the world’s richest people looks to cut costs despite the company spending $4 million more this year on the CEO’s personal security detail.

While Meta was the biggest layoff this week, it was far from alone.

According to Layoff.fyi, 14 tech companies laid off portions of their respective workforces this week.

The second largest was at Klaviyo — an e-commerce marketing company. The layoffs affected every division of the organization, which represented 10% of its workforce.

Tech manufacturing company Coherent laid off 108 people this week as well. The company which makes lasers and other optical equipment blamed reduced demand for the move.

Biotech giant Amgen announced it will lay off 450 people. The company blames heightened drug prices and inflationary pressures for the move. It's the second round of cuts this year. The California-based company laid off 300 people in January.

This comes amid benefit cuts at major companies for those who’ve already been laid off.

Google reportedly cut off pay to workers who were let go while on leave.

According to CNBC, some employees lost access to onsite doctors mid-treatment.

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