WASHINGTON (NEWSnet/AP) — Republicans are considering holding an official House vote in December to authorize their impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

The party looks to formalize a process that so far has not yielded direct evidence of wrongdoing by the president.

During a closed-door meeting Wednesday, GOP leaders floated the possibility of a vote, according to a person familiar with the discussion who was granted anonymity to discuss the private gathering.

The possible reversal from the House Republicans' previous stance comes amid a standoff with the White House over requests for information related to Biden and his family. Republican leaders have said a vote on the impeachment investigation is unnecessary, but are reconsidering as White House lawyers use the lack of formal House authorization to argue that the entire investigation lacks “constitutional legitimacy.”

House Speaker Mike Johnson has expressed some caution about the impeachment push, warning against a rush to judgment. But he says the evidence already uncovered by Republican chairmen is “alarming.”

“While we take no pleasure in the proceedings here, we have a responsibility to do it,” Johnson said at a press conference Wednesday with the leaders of the investigation.

Only three presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, who was impeached twice. To date, no president has been forced from the White House through impeachment. Former Republican President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 as the House was preparing to take a vote on impeachment articles against him.

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