WASHINGTON (NEWSnet/AP) — Hunter Biden pushed back Monday against gun charges filed against him, challenging the case on multiple fronts as unconstitutional and politically motivated.

His defense attorney argued the gun case should be tossed out because an appeals court has found the law violates the Second Amendment under new standards set by the Supreme Court. Firearm charges like those Hunter Biden is facing are seldom filed as standalone counts in non-violent offenses.

Abbe Lowell also contended the charges against Hunter Biden violated immunity provisions that prosecutors agreed to in a plea deal that was later abandoned.

“These charges are unprecedented, unconstitutional and violate the agreement the U.S. Attorney made with Mr. Biden,” Lowell said in a statement. “This is not how an independent investigation is supposed to work, and these charges should be dismissed.”

The flurry of court documents comes as Hunter Biden faces charges in two states headed toward trial while his father, President Joe Biden, runs for reelection.

Prosecutors, for their part, have previously said that any immunity provisions are now defunct along with the rest of the plea agreement that imploded over the summer. Special counsel David Weiss didn’t immediately respond to Hunter Biden’s other arguments, which also include a contention that Weiss wasn’t properly appointed.

The prosecution has until Jan. 16 to respond.

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