(NEWSnet/AP) — South Dakota officials no longer will deny applications for personalized license plates based on whether the plate’s message is deemed to be “offensive to good taste and decency.”

The change is part of a settlement state officials reached in a lawsuit filed in November by on behalf of Lyndon Hart. His 2022 application to the Motor Vehicle Division for a vanity plate reading “REZWEED” was denied. State officials deemed it “in bad taste.”

Hart runs a business called Rez Weed Indeed, which he uses to support the legal selling and use of cannabis on Native American reservations. Hart intended for the personalized license plate to refer to his business and its mission of promoting tribal sovereignty, ACLU said.

The section of the law allowing for denial of personalized plates based on the decency clause is “unconstitutional on its face and as applied to the plaintiff,” said U.S. District Judge Roberto Lange, in an order signed Dec. 8. The unconstitutional clause cannot be used to issue or recall personalized plates, Lange wrote.

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