ATLANTA (NEWSnet/AP) — The Fulton County district attorney's office opted not to return Fani Willis to the stand Friday as she fights an effort to remove her from Donald Trump 2020 Georgia election interference case.

While Willis will not answer more questions in court, a defense attorney who is trying to have the prosecutor removed from the case is expected to call other witnesses about her relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Allegations of misconduct have taken center stage in the case, which was supposed to be about efforts to overturn Georgia’s presidential election results but has become embroiled in controversy over the love lives of the prosecutors seeking to hold Trump accountable.

Willis, who had previously tried to avoid testifying, agreed to do so Thursday after a former friend and co-worker testified that Willis and Wade's relationship began earlier than they had claimed.

Judge Scott McAfee said during a hearing Monday that Willis could be disqualified “if evidence is produced demonstrating an actual conflict or the appearance of one.” But it is unclear how soon he would give a decision on that detail.

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