KYIV, Ukraine (NEWSnet/AP) — Ukraine lowered its draft-eligible age for men from 27 to 25 on Wednesday, in an effort to replenish its depleted ranks after more than two years of war with Russia.

The new mobilization law comes into force a day after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed three bills into law

The new laws, which will also do away with some draft exemptions and create an online registry for recruits, might add around 50,000 troops to the military, said Oksana Zabolotna, an analyst with the Center for United Actions, a government watchdog in Kyiv.

That would be a tenth of the 500,000 additional troops that Zelenskyy said in December that the military wanted to mobilize.

Zelenskyy said he wasn’t ready to say publicly how many new conscripts the Ukrainian army will need. Ukrainian Defense Ministry statistics say the country’s military had nearly 800,000 troops in October. That doesn’t include National Guard or other units. In total, 1 million Ukrainians are in uniform.

Conscription has been a sensitive matter amid Ukraine’s growing shortages of infantry and severe lack of ammunition.

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