(NEWSnet/AP) — Residents of the Plains have begun a long cleanup effort after a weekend tornado outbreak flattened homes and killed a total of five people.

There were four fatalities confirmed Sunday in Oklahoma, including an infant. In addition, there also was a tornado fatality confirmed in Iowa, as Pottawattamie County officials said Sunday that a man critically injured during a tornado there Friday had died.

The tornado outbreak started Friday in Iowa and Nebraska; then reformed and hit Oklahoma Saturday night. The National Weather Service is investigating 113 tornado reports from Friday, 39 reports from Saturday, and two from Sunday.

Confirmations of how many actual tornadoes there were during the weekend, and the severity, are still in progress. The NWS bureau in Omaha says it may be able to issue some reports Monday. And the NWS bureau in Norman is looking at the Sulphur and Marietta tornadoes as "at least EF3" on a damage scale in which EF5 is the most severe.

While the weather across the country is expected to be a bit quieter Monday, severe weather is possible again later in the week.


The destruction was particularly extensive in Sulphur, a town of about 5,000 people south of Oklahoma City, where a tornado crumpled many downtown buildings, tossed cars and buses and sheared the roofs off houses across a 15-block radius. About 30 people were injured in that town alone, part of the nearly 100 injured across the state, according to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.

“How do you rebuild it? This is complete devastation,” said Kelly Trussell, a lifelong Sulphur resident as she surveyed the damage. “It is crazy, you want to help but where do you start?”

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen and Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds spent Saturday touring the damage and arranging for assistance for the damaged communities. Formal damage assessments are still underway, but the states plan to seek federal help.

White House officials said President Joe Biden spoke to Stitt on Sunday and offered the full support of the federal government.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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