NEW YORK (NEWSnet/AP) — Walmart is launching the retailer’s biggest store-label food brand in 20 years.

The brand, called Bettergoods, is just hitting Walmart stores and the company’s online shopping site.

The launch from the country’s largest retailer comes as the company seeks to appeal to younger customers who are not loyal to grocery brands.

The Bettergoods line is divided into three categories: plant-based options like desserts made with oat milk and non-dairy cheeses; products catering to other dietary lifestyles, such as gluten-free, or made without artificial flavors, colorings or added sugars; and “culinary experiences.” The last category features items like creamy corn jalapeno chowder and pasta from Italy.

Walmart said Tuesday it expects to have 300 products in the line by the fall, including frozen foods, dairy items, snacks, beverages, pastas, soups, coffee and chocolate.

The prices range from under $2 to under $15, with most products costing under $5.

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