Tight Lines for Troops, a free fishing tournament for veterans, is officially on May 18, with registration on May 17th.

Tight Lines for Troops began in 2010 with Bob thinking he was just taking a few vets fishing.

Over ten years later, they now have 300 volunteers,100 people fishing on boats, and anticipate to feed 700 people at their dinner this year.

Last year, the fishing portion of the event was canceled due to weather, however, the dinner afterward still happened.

Because of this, members of the organization tell us donations have been down compared to last year.

" Last year, we canceled the fishing part of the event, but we still had the same amount of expenses. We did the meals and we started to take care of all the door prizes and stuff. So I think some of our sponsors, we didn't seem to get as many this year as we have in the past, figured that we canceled their donation would still carry over but it doesn't work that way."

Craig Kent, who is a board member for Tight Lines, tells us that this is the first time they are low on donations.

He adds that not only do they welcome more, they need more volunteers.

"We could also certainly use a lot more volunteers before the 15th. That's the last day to sign in and become a volunteer timelines for troops dot com. And you can go right in and pick the job that you want to do, the time that you want to do it, and then just show up and give us a hand. Very much appreciated. We have a couple hundred people that help out and every one of them as is absolutely necessary."

Each veteran can bring one guest, but only for the dinner portion. Craig Kent tells us the fishing is just for the veterans, and they come in all ages.

"You know,we have vets that are in their twenties that have been here and we've had vets close to 100. We've still had as of last year, we still had a World War Two vet coming. And absolutely the bulk of the vets there are the younger vets."

At the end of the day, whether the fishing is canceled again this year, or it goes all planned, it is all to celebrate and honor the veterans.

For more information on the event, to volunteer, or to donate, click here.