DETROIT (AP) — Chevrolet Malibu, the last mid-size car made by a Detroit automaker, is being discontinued.

General Motors confirmed Thursday it will stop making the model, introduced in 1964, as the company focuses more on electric vehicles.

Wall Street Journal reported the news Wednesday.

GM said it sold more than 10 million Malibus, manufacturing nine generations since its debut.

GM sold 130,000 Malibu models in 2023, 8.5% fewer than in 2022. Sales rose to nearly 230,000 after a redesign for the 2016 model year, but much of those were at low profit to rental car companies.

The factory in Kansas City, Kansas, that makes Malibu will cease production of the car in November. The plant will begin producing Bolt and XT4 on the same assembly line in late-2025.

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