BALTIMORE (NEWSnet/AP) — Electrical blackouts in container ship Dali before it left Baltimore’s port were mechanically distinct from those that resulted in the collapse of Francis Scott Key Bridge, according to congressional testimony Wednesday.

“Two were related to routine maintenance in port. Two were unexpected tripping of circuit breakers on the accident voyage,” said Jennifer Homendy of National Transportation Safety Board, during testimony.

When breakers tripped as Dali approached the bridge, Homendy said, the ship’s emergency generator started. It can power the ship’s lights, radio and other operations, but cannot restore propulsion.

“Without the propeller turning, the rudder was less effective,” Homendy said. “They were essentially drifting.”

Although there is redundancy built into the ship’s system, it is similar to other vessels in terms of functions of its emergency generator and other factors, Homendy said. 

Homendy’s remarks came a day after the safety board released its preliminary report regarding the bridge collapse. 

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