GENEVA (NEWSnet/AP) — U.S. officials raised concern about China’s “misuse of AI,” and Beijing’s representatives rebuked Washington over “restrictions and pressure” on artificial intelligence, the governments said Wednesday.

Summaries of the closed-door discussion between high-level envoys, regarding AI’s risk and ways to manage it, hinted at tension between Beijing and Washington regarding the technology.

China and the United States “exchanged perspectives on their respective approaches to AI safety and risk management” in the “candid and constructive” discussions a day prior, said Adrienne Watson, spokesperson for National Security Council.

China said the two sides exchanged views “in-depth, professionally, and constructively.”

“The United States underscored the importance of ensuring AI systems are safe, secure and trustworthy in order to realize these benefits of AI — and of continuing to build global consensus on that basis,” Watson said. “The United States also raised concerns over the misuse of AI, including by PRC.”

China, meanwhile, “expressed a stern stance on the U.S. restrictions and pressure in the field of artificial intelligence” against the nation, the country’s Foreign Ministry’s Department of North American and Oceanian Affairs said.

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