NEW YORK (NEWSnet/AP) — A video screen that allows people in New York and Dublin to peer into life on opposite sides of the Atlantic has been a source of delight, but also a magnet for boorish behavior.

The livestreaming public art installation known as “The Portal”  made its North American debut May 8, with a circular screen set near New York City’s iconic Flatiron Building and a companion screen on Dublin’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street.

Exhibit organizers touted the interactive display as a unique way to embrace "beauty of global interconnectedness.”

“Portals are an invitation to meet people above borders and differences and to experience our world as it really is, united and one,” said Benediktas Gylys, the Lithuanian artist who conceived the installation.

But days into its run, the portals were disengaged after video spread on social media of people behaving badly. It included an OnlyFans model in New York baring her breasts to Dubliners holding swastikas and displaying images of New York’s Twin Towers burning on 9/11.

The screens were up again Tuesday morning, but were closed again Tuesday evening, according to officials in New York and Dublin.

Michael Ryan, a spokesperson for the Dublin City Council, said exhibit organizers are looking into “possible technical solutions” to address inappropriate behavior. The displays are expected to return later in the week, he said.

Zac Roy, a spokesperson for Flatiron NoMad Partnership, a Manhattan business group, said the “overwhelming majority” of people interacting with the city’s portal have behaved appropriately.

Gylys didn’t respond to messages seeking comment on Tuesday, but his organization has said it encourages people to be respectful.

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