BEIJING (NEWSnet/AP) — Russia President Vladimir Putin and China leader Xi Jinping on Thursday reaffirmed a “no-limits” partnership, and criticized U.S. military alliances in Asia and the Pacific region.

At their summit in Beijing, Putin thanked Xi for China’s proposals for ending the war in Ukraine.

The largely symbolic and ceremonial visit stressed partnership between the nations.

Although Putin and Xi said they seek an end to the war, they offered no new proposals in their public remarks.

China also gave a rhetorical nod to Russia’s narrative about Nazism in Ukraine, with a joint statement Thursday that said Moscow and Beijing should defend the post-World War II order and “severely condemn the glorification of or even attempts to revive Nazism and militarism.”

A joint statement from China and Russia also criticized U.S. foreign policy at length, hitting out at U.S.-formed alliances, which the statement called having a “Cold War mentality.”

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