(NEWSnet/AP) — United Nations’ telecommunications agency has opened its annual “AI for Good” conference.

The two-day event features speeches and discussion regarding artificial intelligence applications for robotics, medicine, education, sustainable development and more.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, is among tech leaders who will join the gathering in Geneva.

António Guterres, U.N. Secretary-General said artificial intelligence is “changing our world and our lives.” He noted its promise for education and health care in remote areas, increasing crop yield and early warning systems for natural disasters.

OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, has faced criticism about how it handles AI safety. Experts say AI could supercharge the spread of misinformation.

Guterres said transforming AI’s potential requires reduction of bias and security threats, instead of aggravating them. It also must help developing countries harness AI for "connecting the unconnected" throughout the world, he said.

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