THE HAGUE, Netherlands (NEWSnet/AP) — European Union's justice and police agencies have taken down computer networks responsible for spreading ransomware via infected email.

Eurojust, EU’s judicial cooperation agency, said Thursday that police arrested four “high value” suspects, closed more than 100 servers and seized control of over 2,000 internet domains.

The takedown, codenamed Endgame, involved coordinated action in the U.S., Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ukraine and United Kingdom, Eurojust said.

Three suspects were arrested in Ukraine and one in Armenia. Searches were conducted in Armenia, Netherlands, Portugal and Ukraine, police agency Europol said.

Netherlands police said financial damage inflicted by the network on governments, companies and individuals is estimated to run to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Eurojust said one of the main suspects earned cryptocurrency worth at least $74 million by renting criminal infrastructure to spread ransomware.

The operation targeted malware “droppers” called Bumblebee, IcedID, Pikabot, Smokeloader and Trickbot. A dropper is malicious software usually spread in email containing infected links or attachments, such as shipping invoices or order forms.

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