WASHINGTON (NEWSnet/AP) — U.S. Food and Drug Administration is exploring the safety and evidence regarding use of  MDMA as a treatment for PTSD.

FDA posted its initial review Friday.

Scientists said patients who received MDMA and talk-therapy showed “rapid, clinically meaningful, durable improvements in their PTSD symptoms.” But they also called the research “challenging to interpret,” and questioned how long benefits might continue.

They said it’s difficult to know how much of the improvement came from MDMA compared to undergoing therapy, and also raised several safety concerns, including MDMA’s heart risk and potential for abuse.

Outside experts will take a nonbinding vote June 4 regarding the drug’s benefits and risks. FDA will make the final decision.

If approved, MDMA would be reclassified as a prescription medicine and made available to specially certified doctors and therapists. 

Currently, antidepressants are the only FDA-approved drugs for post-traumatic stress disorder.

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