LONDON (NEWSnet/AP) — McDonald’s lost a trademark dispute over the Big Mac name.

A European Union court sided Wednesday with Ireland company Supermac’s.

EU General Court ruled McDonald’s failed to prove it was using the Big Mac label over a five-year period for chicken sandwiches, poultry products and restaurants. Five years is the time-frame in Europe that a trademark must be used before it can be taken.

The dispute began when Supermac’s applied to register its company name in EU as it develop an expansion plan. McDonald’s objected, saying consumers would be confused because it already trademarked the Big Mac name.

Supermac’s filed a 2017 request with EU’s Intellectual Property Office to revoke McDonald’s Big Mac trademark registration. It claimed McDonald’s couldn’t prove it had used the name for categories that aren’t related specifically to the burger.

After the regulator partially approved Supermac’s request, McDonald’s appealed to the EU court.

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