WASHINGTON (NEWSnet/AP) — House Republicans issued criminal referrals Wednesday against Hunter Biden and James Biden, accusing them of making false statements to Congress.

Chairmen of House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways & Means committees sent a letter to U.S. Department of Justice recommending prosecution.

Republicans have pursued an impeachment inquiry seeking to tie President Joe Biden to his son’s business dealings, but have failed to uncover evidence implicating him.

The committees are accusing Hunter Biden and James Biden of providing false testimony during meetings with lawmakers, claiming it is part of an effort to hide the president’s involvement in the family’s overseas businesses.

“Congress cannot allow anyone, not even the president’s son or his brother, to stand in the way of its oversight of the executive branch or deny the American people the accountability they deserve,” said Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., chair of Ways & Means.

The statements, according to the chairmen, include references Hunter Biden made about what position he held at a corporate entity that received millions of dollars from a foreign client.

There also is focus on statements from James Biden regarding whether the president, during his time as a private citizen, met with a now-disgraced former business partner.

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