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(SNH) — Roku has just unveiled the sizzle trailer for the UFC’s groundbreaking documentary, “Fight Inc: Inside the UFC.”

This unique offering will premiere exclusively on Roku on June 7. This documentary provides an unseen perspective unlike any other the promotion has ever put together.

The multipart documentary series will follow several fighters, including the heavyweight champion Jon Jones and bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the regimens of these two of the biggest superstars in the sport.

The UFC’s business practices will also be a focal point, featuring key figures such as UFC CEO Dana White, UFC color commentator Laura Sanko and UFC CBO Hunter Campbell, among others, providing a comprehensive view of the organization.

The documentary was announced in November 2023 as Roku looks to expand its sports coverage. It recently acquired the rights to air select MLB games weekly.

Executive producer Craig Borsari commented on how much the fans enjoy any inside access, emphasizing that this documentary will offer a unique and unprecedented look.

“We’re excited to team up with Roku to give UFC fans a rare look at this sport and this organization as we plan for our biggest events during a year filled with huge moments,” Borsari told UFC.com in November. “The storylines happening outside of the Octagon—the ones fans don’t often see or hear about—are compelling in their own right.  We’re very proud of this project, and we’re looking forward to debuting it on The Roku Channel next year.”

This isn’t the first time the UFC has pulled back the curtain on showcasing an inside look at the interworking of the organization. In 2020, the UFC put together another multipart documentary series called “UFC Fight Island: Declassified.” It broke down the promotion’s intentions to host events during the coronavirus pandemic.

The UFC ended up hosting several events in Abu Dhabi to keep the business running for a year and a half until they decided to begin putting events in United States territories and areas across the country.

The UFC was the first major sporting event to return to regular rescheduled events during the pandemic, as the other major sports weeks, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, followed suit in different capacities. Eventually, all major sports were up and running due to data and other factors that allowed the athletes to be tested for the virus before competing in their respective sports.

In 2024, the landscape of running a professional sports organization like the UFC or another league is full steam ahead. UFC puts on 44 annual events with very few off weekends and at least 12 pay-per-view events featuring their best athletes, competing for championships and top contender statuses in every weight division.

For now, the promotion remains the cornerstone of MMA and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, at least not ESPN, which remains the worldwide leader in sports.

As June gets underway, so does the UFC event schedule, and in retrospect, the documentary will attempt to show what it’s really like behind the scenes of the most well-known fight promotion in the world.

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