(NEWSnet/AP) — The median U.S. CEO pay package in 2023 was nearly 200 times more than a worker in the middle of their company pay scale. But Elon Musk's record-setting Tesla compensation dwarfs them by comparison.

On June 13, Tesla shareholders voted in favor of restoring a 10-year pay plan, valued by the company in April at $44.9 billion.

Musk's package, the largest award to a CEO of a U.S. public company, is far above what has been granted to other chief executives.

The median pay package for an S&P 500 U.S. CEO in 2023 was $16.3 million, according to analysis by Equilar for The Associated Press. Multiply that by 10 to get $163 million for a decade of work, and Musk's earnings would be 275 times greater.

The top earner in an AP survey was Hock Tan, CEO of Broadcom. His package is valued at about $162 million.

Other CEOs at the top of AP's survey are William Lansing of Fair Isaac ($66.3 million); Tim Cook of Apple ($63.2 million); Hamid Moghadam of Prologis ($50.9 million); and Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix ($49.8 million).

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