NEW YORK (NEWSnet/AP) — Federal advisers on Wednesday made a stronger endorsement for RSV vaccinations for people age 75 and up.

The committee’s recommendation goes to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which will decide whether to pass it to doctors and the public.

In 2023, the same advisory group said ages 60 and older should consult with a doctor about whether to receive the shot. Physicians have said that guidance confuses patients and likely is a reason fewer than 25% have been vaccinated.

This week, the panel said people 75 and older should get the shots and that those 60 to 74 should do so only if they are higher risk for severe disease.

Respiratory syncytial virus is a common cause of cold-like symptoms, but it can be dangerous for infants and the elderly.

Last year, U.S. Food and Drug Administration licensed single-dose RSV vaccines made by GSK and Pfizer, for older people.

At the time, the vaccine advisers refrained from saying everyone should receive the medicine, due to possible side effects and duration of protection.

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