Most people know about Flea Markets and Ox Roasts, but what about a Flea Roast and Ox Market?

While the field was empty of people Thursday afternoon, by the evening and until Sunday night, the small town of Irons will be filled with life as people take a look at what the community claims is a "World Famous" event.

It is also a way for the Irons Area Tourist Association to raise money for the County.

Bridget Plafkin, the Internal Vice President, and Board Member of the IATA tells us "The Flea Roast & Ox Market is our one and only fundraising of the year. And we put this on so that we can give back to the community. The whole flea or IATA , Irons Area Tourist Association, is formed of all volunteers. None of us are paid. And so we give back to the community. We do food banks, we get back to churches, and this is our big fundraising event of the year."

With everything ranging from fair rides and food to tenst filled with locals trying so sell their crafts. the event has something for everyone.

Bridget adds "We have live bands that are performing Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We have beer tokens, we have a food tent, we have a lot of kid activities and they're almost all free. We give away bikes almost every single day. Kids come in, they get a raffle ticket and the bikes are all donated by the generosity of the community, so that's no cost to them. And there's kids scramble, there's a hula hoop contest, there's a bunch of different activities for them as well. "

You may be wondering, how on earth did the event get it's name, well the story is actually quite simple.

"Well, it started by the donation from Skinner, and Mark was one of the original board members and they went to put they wanted to do a actual Flea Market and Ox Roast. And so they got everything together. They thought this would be a great fundraising event. They went to print and the printer messed up and put Flea Roast in Ox Market. And because that happened in the first year and it was such a success, all that they didn't want to change the name. So that's why it sounds weird to a lot of people. They're like, Well, a flea roast doesn't sound good. Well, it's just because the name got switched around."

With so many events this weekend, click here for the complete itinerary.