COPENHAGEN, Denmark (NEWSnet/AP) — Sweden has launched a groundbreaking law that allows grandparents to get paid parental leave while taking care of their grandchildren.

In December 2023, Sweden’s parliament approved a proposal on transfer of parental allowance.

Under the law, parents may transfer some of their parental leave allowance to a child’s grandparents. A parent couple is allowed to transfer a maximum of 45 days to others. A single parent may transfer 90 days, according to Social Insurance Agency.

In Sweden, people are entitled to be fully off-work when a child is born. Parental benefit is paid for 480 days per child. Of those, the compensation for 390 days is calculated based on a person’s full income. For the remaining 90 days, people get a fixed amount of 180 kronor ($17) per day.

Alexandra Wallin of SIA told broadcaster SVT the new law will “give greater opportunities.”

Even so, the rules for grandparents are the same as for ordinary parental allowance and require a person be insured for parental allowance, Wallin said.

There are conditions for parental allowance — a retiree can also take parental leave, for example, in which case the compensation is based on the person’s pension. A person may not look for work or study during the time they receive parental allowance.

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