BEIRUT (NEWSnet/AP) — The deputy leader of Lebanon militant group Hezbollah said Tuesday the only sure path to a cease-fire at the Israel border is a full cease-fire in Gaza.

“If there is a cease-fire in Gaza, we will stop without any discussion,” said Sheikh Naim Kassem, Hezbollah’s deputy leader, in an interview with The Associated Press.

Hezbollah’s participation in the war has been as a “support front” for its ally, Hamas, Kassem said. “If the war stops, this military support will not exist.

But, he said, if Israel reduces its military operations without a formal cease-fire agreement and full withdrawal from Gaza, implications for the Lebanon-Israel border conflict are less clear.

Some Israel officials have said they are seeking a diplomatic solution to the standoff and hope to avoid war. At the same time, they have warned that the scenes of destruction seen in Gaza will be repeated in Lebanon if war erupts.

Hezbollah is more powerful than Hamas and believed to have a vast arsenal of rockets and missiles capable of striking anywhere in Israel.

Kassem said he doesn’t believe Israel has has made a decision to launch a war. he said even if Israel intends to launch a limited operation in Lebanon, it should not expect the fighting to remain limited.

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