LIMA, Peru (NEWSnet) — The body of an American mountain climber who was buried by an avalanche 22 years ago in Peru has been found after ice melted to reveal his cold-preserved body, police said Tuesday.

William Stampfl, then 58, vanished with his friends in 2002 while attempting to climb the 22,000 foot-high Mount Huascaran in Peru.

Police in Peru said Stampfl's body was found on Friday near a camp 17,060 feet above sea level. His body and clothing had been preserved by the ice and freezing temperatures.

Stampfl's driver's license was also found. It says he was a resident of Chino in California’s San Bernardino County.

The body of one of his friends was found shortly after the avalanche on Huascaran, but the other friend is still missing.

Stampfl's body was brought down the mountain over the weekend and put in a morgue in the city of Yungay.

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