WASHINGTON (NEWSnet/AP) — The Biden administration is awarding $1.7 billion in grants to restart or expand electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly sites owned by General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Volvo and other carmakers in eight states.

U.S. Department of Energy will issue grants to create or retain thousands of union jobs and support auto-based communities, the White House said Thursday.

It involves EV facilities in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.


The grants cover a broad range of the automotive supply chain, including parts for electric motorcycles and school buses, hybrid powertrains, heavy-duty commercial truck batteries and electric SUVs, the White House said.

The grants, funded by the 2022 climate law, will help to deliver on a commitment to ensure the future of the auto industry is made in the U.S. by U.S. union workers, Biden said.

Awards are subject to negotiation to ensure that commitments to workers and communities are met, officials said. The Energy Department also will complete environmental reviews before money is awarded later in 2024.

If awards are completed as planned, the selected projects would create more than 2,900 jobs and help ensure that about 15,000 union workers are retained across all 11 facilities, the White House said.

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